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primary=and as assert break class continue def del elif else except exec finally for from global if import in is lambda not or pass print raise return try while with yield False None True api by cdef cimport cpdef ctypedef enum extern gil include inline nogil property public readonly struct union DEF IF ELIF ELSE NULL bint char Py_ssize_t short size_t void double int real long complex
identifiers=ArithmeticError AssertionError AttributeError BaseException BufferError BytesWarning DeprecationWarning EOFError Ellipsis EnvironmentError Exception False FloatingPointError FutureWarning GeneratorExit IOError ImportError ImportWarning IndentationError IndexError KeyError KeyboardInterrupt LookupError MemoryError NameError None NotImplemented NotImplementedError OSError OverflowError PendingDeprecationWarning ReferenceError RuntimeError RuntimeWarning StandardError StopIteration SyntaxError SyntaxWarning SystemError SystemExit TabError True TypeError UnboundLocalError UnicodeDecodeError UnicodeEncodeError UnicodeError UnicodeTranslateError UnicodeWarning UserWarning ValueError Warning ZeroDivisionError __debug__ __doc__ __import__ __name__ __package__ abs all any apply basestring bin bool buffer bytearray bytes callable chr classmethod cmp coerce compile complex copyright credits delattr dict dir divmod enumerate eval execfile exit file filter float format frozenset getattr globals hasattr hash help hex id input int intern isinstance issubclass iter len license list locals long map max min next object oct open ord pow print property quit range raw_input reduce reload repr reversed round set setattr slice sorted staticmethod str sum super tuple type unichr unicode vars xrange zip
FT_00_CM=cython "%f"
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