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Add incompatibilities to NEWS

Add section outlining incompatibilities in accordance with ML.
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@@ -11,6 +11,13 @@ Geany 1.22 (unreleased)
* Make 'Replace Spaces by Tabs' only match leading spaces to
preserve alignment.
+ Possibly incompatible changes
+ * Theming and filetype style changes mean old filetypes and colour
+ schemes are not compatible with this version of Geany.

ntrel Jun 13, 2012


AIUI, filetype style keys (and 'old filetypes') have not changed - isn't it just that setting colors per-filetype is not compatible with color schemes?


codebrainz Jun 14, 2012


It seems easier to just put "not compatible" rather than listing all the ways it might break :) I guess a similar but more poorly worded version would be:

While strictly speaking the filetypes.* files are completely compatible still,
depending on what filetypes.* files you have copied to your ~/... directory and
which version of color schemes you have copied to your ~/... directory, and
whether you've installed geany-themes or other 3rd party color schemes, you
may or may not experience some types of syntax highlighting issues.

Also, it's probably not a bad idea to get people to upgrade their ~/.../filetypes.* anyway since some might be using really old ones still and are potentially missing out on some improvements/fixes made since (ex. single line comment stuff).


elextr via email Jun 14, 2012

+ * There are some default keybinding changes but these will only
+ apply to newly created configurations.
+ * Changes to the "project-dialog*" signals may affect plugins.
Bug fixes
* Fix escaping of session file paths (#3425969).
* Fix closing when minimized under Windows (#3421282).

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