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Don't regenerate deps.mak files on 'make clean' (Windows makefile)

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1 parent 00714db commit a5edf57a17d491b2e43f69d841ab651c8b1079b7 @ntrel ntrel committed Sep 6, 2012
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@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@
# Running make creates config.h then calls the sub makefiles.
# Other targets are:
-# deps: delete the dependencies so they are regenerated on next make
# clean: clean all generated files
# install: install to DESTDIR
@@ -41,22 +40,19 @@ all: config.h
config.h: win32-config.h
$(CP) $< $@
- -$(RM) tagmanager/ctags/deps.mak tagmanager/mio/deps.mak tagmanager/src/deps.mak scintilla/deps.mak plugins/deps.mak src/deps.mak
# used by src/makefile.win32 to avoid del ../file which is an error
-$(RM) geany_private.res geany.exe
-clean: deps
$(MAKE) -C tagmanager/ctags -f makefile.win32 clean
$(MAKE) -C tagmanager/mio -f makefile.win32 clean
$(MAKE) -C tagmanager/src -f makefile.win32 clean
$(MAKE) -C scintilla -f makefile.win32 clean
$(MAKE) -C plugins -f makefile.win32 clean
$(MAKE) -C src -f makefile.win32 clean
-.PHONY: all clean clean-local deps install
+.PHONY: all clean clean-local install
# likely requires admin privileges
# mkdir output is ignored in case dir exists

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