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Commits on Apr 25, 2015
  1. @eht16

    Merge pull request #464 from eht16/undeprecate_plugins

    eht16 authored
    Remove deprecated and unnecessary use of GeanyFunctions declaration
  2. @eht16
Commits on Apr 22, 2015
  1. @dgmz @frlan

    Fix catalan translation

    dgmz authored frlan committed
    This small patch fixes some entries in the contextual menu.
Commits on Apr 21, 2015
  1. @b4n

    Update Scintilla to version 3.5.5

    b4n authored
  2. @b4n

    Merge branch 'scintilla-update-script'

    b4n authored
    Small improvements to the Scintilla update script
  3. @b4n
  4. @b4n

    Scintilla update script: only ask for checking when something changed

    b4n authored
    Only ask the user to check the SciLexer.h diff if the file actually
  5. @b4n
  6. @b4n
  7. @b4n

    Fix incorrect safety check in non-regex search code

    b4n authored
    Only warn if MULTILINE is passed *together* with REGEX, but simply
    ignore if it not.
Commits on Apr 20, 2015
  1. @b4n

    Fix "select-all" to work with any GtkTextView, not only the scribble

    b4n authored
    This makes the code more generic and allows the "select-all" keybinding
    to work in any GtkTextView, e.g. potentially plugin's ones.
  2. @b4n

    Merge pull request #467 from pik/splitwindow

    b4n authored
    Fix basic callbacks to work with splitwindow
    Closes #460 and #467.
  3. @pik @b4n

    Reorganize select callback

    pik authored b4n committed
    * select_all now works with splitwindow
    * select_all now works with file-browser pane
    * menu_select_all now works everywhere select_all hotkey does
  4. @pik @b4n

    Fix callbacks to scintilla functions to work with splitwindow

    pik authored b4n committed
    * Use Scintilla focus object instead of notebook document to fix
      splitwindow behaviour for cut, copy, paste and delete callbacks.
    * move else-if to same line (style)
  5. @b4n

    Merge branch 'ctags/make'

    b4n authored
    Import make parser improvements from fishman/ctags#272
  6. @b4n

    make: Avoid reading an uninitialized value on empty target names

    b4n authored
    Fixing this is however only theoretically useful, as:
    * no actual code paths can currently lead to it;
    * even if the code actually ended up reading the uninitialized value,
      it would still have a fully defined behavior as the result of the
      check is irrelevant in the only case the uninitialized read can
    Anyway, fix this to avoid any possible bad surprises in the future.
  7. @b4n
  8. @b4n

    make: Fix handling comments inside rules

    b4n authored
    A line consisting only of blanks or comments should not end a rule,
    even if it doesn't start with a tabulation character.
  9. @b4n
  10. @b4n
  11. @b4n
  12. @frlan

    Update of Portuguese translation

    frlan authored
Commits on Apr 19, 2015
  1. @eht16

    Fix typo

    eht16 authored
  2. @eht16

    Drop the paragraph about self-hosted GTK API docs

    eht16 authored
    We assume that the GTK 2.24 API docs will remain online in the long-term
    so there is no reason why we should self-host those docs any longer.
    This is the last missing bit of #245.
Commits on Apr 18, 2015
  1. @eht16

    Add translation block to properly set version information

    eht16 authored
    This seems necessary to properly display version information
    in the Windows Explorer file properties dialog.
    I think it worked on older Windows versions without but
    at least on Windows 7 this seems necessary.
  2. @frlan

    Merge pull request #472 from huth/fixes

    frlan authored
    Fix typos in comments
  3. @huth
Commits on Apr 17, 2015
  1. @b4n

    autotools: Avoid building non-shared versions of the object files

    b4n authored
    libtool apparently builds every object twice by default when shared and
    static objects need to be build differently.  As we never use the
    statically linked objects, avoid building them at all.
Commits on Apr 15, 2015
  1. @b4n

    Merge pull request #468 from techee/link_warning

    b4n authored
    Compile prefix.c and osx.c only when needed to avoid warnings
Commits on Apr 14, 2015
  1. @frlan

    Update of Portuguese translation

    frlan authored
  2. @techee

    Compile prefix.c and osx.c only when needed to avoid warnings

    techee authored
    When mac integration or binary relocation are disabled, the compiled
    object file contains no symbols because the guards in the source files
    hide all code. On OS X there's a warning during compilation saying:
    file: .libs/libgeany.a(libgeany_la-prefix.o) has no symbols
    If these features are disabled, don't compile the corresponding
    sources to avoid the warnings.
    Interestingly, waf compilation works without warnings - it appears
    linking is done through g++ which doesn't produce these warnings.
  3. @eht16

    Merge pull request #466 from techee/waf_build_tree

    eht16 authored
    waf: explicitly set the location of signallist.i and geany.html in the b...
Commits on Apr 13, 2015
  1. @techee

    waf: explicitly set the location of signallist.i and geany.html in th…

    techee authored
    …e build tree
    On OS X signallist.i is always rebuilt because waf looks for it in the build
    tree but generates it inside the source tree for some reason so it's
    always missing in the build tree. Set the target explicitly to the
    build tree to fix the problem.
    Similarly, set the target for geany.html to the build tree. Thanks to this
    waf also creates the 'doc' directory in the build tree which is otherwise
    missing and the cwd command fails for this reason (e.g. when the
    _build_ directory is removed).
    These two task generators are the only ones that don't use the 'features'
    parameter - the features in the other task generators should already
    handle the source/build tree problems for us (see the Waf Book section
    6.3.3. Nodes, tasks, and task generators).
  2. @b4n

    Merge pull request #462 from techee/waf_install

    b4n authored
    waf: Disable build/install phase interleaving
  3. @b4n

    Merge pull request #457 from techee/icon2

    b4n authored
    Two more Geany icon updates
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