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Commits on Mar 17, 2015
  1. @b4n

    Mark an argument const

    b4n authored
Commits on Mar 16, 2015
  1. @b4n
  2. @b4n

    Merge pull request #444 from techee/handle

    b4n authored
    Geany icon improvements
  3. @techee

    Regenerate png/ico icons from svg and add the 32x32 size

    techee authored
    The 32x32 size can be created by downsampling the 48x48
    icon by gtk at runtime but the result will be worse than
    doing the same directly from the svg icon (48->32
    conversion means downsampling by 1.5 which can introduce
    some moire artifacts and loss of information). Since
    32x32 are quite commonly used, it makes sense to ship
    this icon size with Geany.
    The png files have been optimized by pngoptim to remove
    metadata and compress the icon better.
  4. @techee

    Make the geany icon bottleneck a bit wider

    techee authored
    This way the non-highlighted part can still be shown.
  5. @techee

    Fix geany icon handle

    techee authored
    The handle of the lamp icon looks strange. While
    the image of the lamp itself is taken from top,
    the handle looks it's taken from bottom.
    Fix this by moving the wide part of the handle
    down and moving the "shine" line to copy the
    outer edge. Also adjust the handle curves a bit
    to connect the lamp in a more natural way.
Commits on Mar 15, 2015
  1. @b4n

    autotools: Fix make dist after Scintilla makefile.win32 move

    b4n authored
    8ebac60 moved the makefile.win32,
    so we need to use the new location.
  2. @b4n
  3. @techee

    Fix visual problems around the bottle neck

    techee authored
    The Light sublayer of the Lamp layer covers the lamp border
    partly so it appears cut off. In addition, the Shine sublayer
    doesn't follow the border properly. Adjust the curves in both
    of these sublayers to fix the problem.
  4. @techee

    Subdivide the icon into layers for better navigation

    techee authored
    No visual change.
Commits on Mar 11, 2015
  1. @b4n

    autotools: Fix installation directory of plugins on Windows

    b4n authored
    For some reason we expect the plugins directly inside `$(libdir)` on
    Windows instead of `$(libdir)/geany`, so install the plugins there on
Commits on Mar 8, 2015
  1. @b4n
  2. @b4n

    objectivec: Enable escapes in verbatim strings

    b4n authored
    Enable new Scintlla lexer.cpp.verbatim.strings.allow.escapes lexer
    property for ObjectiveC.
  3. @b4n

    Update Scintilla to version 3.5.4

    b4n authored
Commits on Mar 6, 2015
  1. @b4n

    Make the editor tab close buttons smaller on GTK3

    b4n authored
    Also remove extra padding around the button's image to reduce its size
    and try and avoid it expanding the tab's height.
    This at least fixes the editor tabs height on Adwaita theme, where they
    were 1px taller than normal.
  2. @b4n

    Merge pull request #433 from b4n/statusbar-eol-short-name

    b4n authored
    Use the short name for EOL mode in the statusbar
  3. @b4n

    Merge pull request #412 from techee/rules_hint

    b4n authored
    Disable "rules hint" for the Documents tab
Commits on Mar 5, 2015
  1. @techee

    Disable "rules hint" for the Documents tab

    techee authored
    The "rules hint" property is used to tell the theme for which TreeView
    even/odd rows should have a different color. This is typically used for
    long rows or rows which need to be visually separated for some reason.
    Currently the Documents sidebar view uses it which doesn't make much
    sense because the row is short and neither of the other tabs in the sidebar
    use it.
Commits on Mar 4, 2015
  1. @b4n

    Merge branch 'techee/leaks'

    b4n authored
    Merges PR #417.
  2. @frlan

    Update of German translation

    frlan authored
  3. @b4n

    Explicitly initialize some variables for which we use the default value

    b4n authored
    This does not change anything in practice because static variables are
    initialized implicitly as we need them anyway, but this makes things
    clearer and more explicit.
  4. @b4n

    Merge pull request #418 from b4n/spell-windows-windows

    b4n authored
    Spell "Windows" as "Windows", not "Win".
  5. @b4n

    Use the short name for EOL mode in the statusbar

    b4n authored
    See discussion in #418
  6. @b4n

    Merge pull request #431 from techee/absolute_prjname

    b4n authored
    Always use absolute path when opening projects from command-line
  7. @techee

    Always use absolute path when opening projects from command-line

    techee authored
    At the moment when geany project is loaded from commandline using
    e.g. "geany myproject.geany", the relative path is used by geany
    so e.g. Project->Recent Projects shows the relative path instead of
    the absolute one (also if the project is already in the list with an absolute
    path, additional entry with relative path is created).
    Use main_get_argv_filename(), which is already used for ordinary files,
    also for opening .geany files.
  8. @b4n

    Merge pull request #419 from techee/osx-integration

    b4n authored
    OS X integration
  9. @b4n

    Merge pull request #426 from techee/run_script_tmp

    b4n authored
    Create in the temporary directory instead of the
    working directory.
  10. @ntrel

    Merge pull request #430 from techee/fix_warning

    ntrel authored
    Fix compiler warning
  11. @techee

    Fix compiler warning

    techee authored
  12. @techee
  13. @techee

    Don't use single menu for "New with template" shared by toolbar and m…

    techee authored
    The current implementation uses single menu for the toolbar and
    menubar and reparents it when file menu is shown/hidden.
    Connectiong "show"/"hide" signals doesn't work for menu items
    on OS X (and I suppose Ubuntu either) so the template submenu is
    never shown in the File menu.
    The easiest fix seems to be having two identical menus the same
    way we have them for recent files.
  14. @techee

    Check disk status when Geany enters foreground

    techee authored
    Since we have a simple way to check Geany has entered foreground
    on OS X, use it to check the current document's disk status.
  15. @techee

    Don't use expose-event/draw signals of the menu

    techee authored
    The expose-event/draw signals were used to reenable the menu
    after it has been disabled when VTE overrides the given keybinding.
    This doesn't work on OS X where GtkMenuBar isn't displayed
    (there may be a similar problem with the global menubar on
    The reason why these signals were used was probably slight
    flickering of the menubar when using ordinary g_idle_add() to
    reenable the menu (the dimmed menu gets drawn after which
    it gets reenabled and redrawn non-dimmed). It is however possible
    to use idle function with higher than redraw priority in which case
    the menu is enabled before the redraw so the dimmed menu
    isn't drawn at all.
  16. @techee

    Add right-click launcher icon entry creating a new window

    techee authored
    Normal clicking the launcher icon just brings the application to
    the foreground so there must be a way users can create a new
    instance of Geany.
    Add an entry "New Window" to the context menu which is shown
    when right-clicking the Geany icon in the launcher (most applications
    have the "New Window" entry there).
    In addition, fix "Open in new window" when using app bundle.
    Since both of these functionalities create a new Geany instance,
    factor-out the instance creation code into a new utility function
    and use it in both cases.
  17. @techee

    React to various useful gtk-mac-integration signals

    techee authored
    NSApplicationBlockTermination signal is emitted when clicking
    the Quit menu to check whether the application permits
    quitting - react accordingly.
    NSApplicationOpenFile signal is emitted when
    * file is dragged on the application icon
    * application is selected from "Open with" menu after right-clicking
    the file
    * when double-clicking a file for which the application is default
    * when file is opened from command-line
    When the application isn't running, it is first started and then this
    signal is emitted.
    Use the signal to open files. In addition, when the opened file
    has the ".geany" suffix, open it (but only if the project isn't already
    open). The project has to be opened in idle function because blocking
    the signal handler for a long time by the project-close confirmation
    dialog causes problems.
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