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Geany local
Geany at Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2012 (March 17th, 18th)
-As known from the last years, in March (17th, 18th) there will be a local
-Linux and FOSS convention in Chemnitz, Germany. Some of the Geany guys will
-be around and have a little booth at the event. So if you are nearby, come
-join us for a chat. Most likely you will find us next to the Xfce guys.
-Details for this convention can be find on their homepage at
+As last year, Geany had a booth a Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2012 in
+German city Chemnitz. Our booth was again located next to the guys
+of Xfce as well as next (that was different to last year) to 2
+lecture rooms. Even though the event wasn't as much crowded as last
+year, a lot of people were passing by asking some question or just
+saying hello. So Enrico and Frank had a lot of questions to answer
+and a lot of feedback to respond to.
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