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# This is a configuration file for HMTL Tidy. See 'man tidy' for details about
# the settings wrote in here.
# This configuration file is especially written to beautify the output of
# rst2html for use in the website. If you have questions
# concerning this, feel free to contact the maintainer
# Dominic Hopf <>
wrap: 100
write-back: yes
indent: yes
tab-size: 4
newline: LF
clean: yes
output-xhtml: yes
repeated-attributes: keep-last
doctype: strict
add-xml-decl: no
drop-empty-paras: yes
fix-uri: yes
hide-comments: yes
logical-emphasis: yes
literal-attributes: yes
lower-literals: yes
preserve-entities: yes
show-body-only: yes
show-warnings: yes
break-before-br: yes
markup: yes
sort-attributes: alpha
vertical-space: no
wrap-attributes: yes
char-encoding: utf8
output-bom: auto
quiet: yes
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