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Genome Analysis Server


  1. tracy Public

    Basecalling, alignment, assembly and deconvolution of Sanger Chromatogram trace files

    C++ 73 17

  2. indigo Public

    Indigo: SNV and InDel Discovery in Chromatogram traces obtained from Sanger sequencing of PCR products

    JavaScript 26 5

  3. dicey Public

    In-silico PCR, primer design and padlock computation for imaging mRNA

    C++ 26 1

  4. The Wily-DNA-Editor is a browser tool for plasmid assembly, reverse complements DNA, translates to protein code and calculates restriction digests maps.

    JavaScript 8 1

  5. sabre Public

    Sequence Alignment Browser

    JavaScript 8 1

  6. ancient Public

    Ancestry inference with convolutional neural networks

    Vue 6 2


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