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Installing dicey

Dicey is available as a Bioconda package, as a pre-compiled statically linked binary from Dicey's github release page, as a singularity container SIF file or as a minimal Docker container.

apt-get install -y build-essential g++ cmake zlib1g-dev libbz2-dev liblzma-dev libboost-all-dev

git clone --recursive

cd dicey/

make all

make install

This will generate the binary bin/dicey.

Running Dicey

dicey -h

Sequence search in an indexed reference genome

Searching a large reference genome requires a pre-built index on a bgzip compressed genome.

dicey index -o hg19.fa.fm9 hg19.fa.gz

samtools faidx hg19.fa.gz

The indexing step is only required once. You can then search nucleotide sequences at a user-defined edit or hamming distance.

dicey hunt -g hg19.fa.gz TCTCTGCACACACGTTGT | python scripts/

You can also redirect the output in JSON format to a file.

dicey hunt -g hg19.fa.gz -o out.json.gz TCTCTGCACACACGTTGT

Pre-built genome indices for commonly used reference genomes are available for download here.

In-silico PCR for a set of primers

Dicey can search for multiple primer pairs, show off-target products and determine PCR amplicons.


dicey search -c 45 -g hg19.fa.gz primers.fa | python scripts/

The default output is a JSON file that can also be stored in a file.

dicey search -c 45 -o out.json.gz -g hg19.fa.gz primers.fa

Graphical user interface

You can search primers interactively using our web application silica.


  • Dicey cannot find the primer3 config directory
    The primer3 config directory is included in the repository. Just clone the repository git clone --recursive and then use the cloned config directory dicey search -i dicey/src/primer3_config/ -g hg19.fa.gz primers.fa.

  • The script is not found
    The python script is included in the repository. Just clone the repository git clone --recursive and then you will find the script in the ./scripts/ subdirectory.


In case of questions feel free to send us an email.