create playlists on licensed services (eg. spotify, rdio)
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legalize it

Legalize It is a legally sanctioned view into the taste of pirates. This project enables listeners to explore the most popular works on bittorrent, base on unique peers over the last 24 hours, on licensed streaming services (initially spotify).

live webchart (with album links) at

###Spotify App

Here's how you can install the development version of the Spotify App:

  1. clone this repo
  2. run >mkdir ~/Spotify (or whatever you do to create a directory called Spotify in your home directory)
  3. run >cp -r legalize/spotify_app ~/Spotify/ (or via other means copy the spotify_appdir into the dir you just made)
  4. (re)launch Spotify
  5. in Spotify, search for Spotify:app:legalize
  6. listen to things that are popular on bittorrent