NolaDonato and liaxim Added gvr-avatar demo (#633)
* gvr-modelviewer2, gvr-widgetviewer: tweaks to make them work better

* Modifed demos for skelton refactor

GVRModelSceneObject -> GVRSceneObject
use GVRAnimator component instead of GVRAnimationEngine

* Start of avatar demo

* add 3 avatars that work

* Adding deep motion skeleton

* retarget between mixamo rigs

* more debuggting

* added animations that work with the character

* use GVRAvatar

* listen for avatar events

* downsized andromeda textures

* add object to scene in GL thread

* fix centering call

* adding extra models

* Eliminate GVRModelSceneObject

* Cycle thru animations

* adding astroboy to avatar demo
Latest commit ca59b3e Sep 6, 2018

Getting Started

This is a sample Gear VR app demostrates how to use load 3D model and play animation.

Please double check the following before running the sample