An example project for using Geb in a Gradle build (Spock and JUnit 4)
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Example Geb and Gradle Project

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This is an example of incorporating Geb into a Gradle build. It shows the use of Spock and JUnit 4 tests.

The build is setup to work with Firefox, Chrome and PhantomJS. Have a look at the build.gradle and the src/test/resources/GebConfig.groovy files.


The following commands will launch the tests with the individual browsers:

./gradlew chromeTest
./gradlew firefoxTest
./gradlew phantomJsTest

To run with all, you can run:

./gradlew test

Replace ./gradlew with gradlew.bat in the above examples if you're on Windows.

Questions and issues

Please ask questions on Geb user mailing list and raise issues in Geb issue tracker.