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Geb Example Project

This is the Geb example project as demonstrated at UberConf 2011. To run the tests in this project,
you need to have a JDK and Firefox installed. See the Geb documentation on how to run tests with other browsers.
Running Tests with Gradle

To run tests with Gradle, type:

> ./gradlew clean test (Windows: gradlew.bat clean test)

All dependencies (including Gradle) will be downloaded automatically.

To view the generated JUnit reports, open build/reports/tests/index.html. HTML and screenshots for all visited pages are saved to build/reports/geb.

Running Tests with IDEA 9/10

> ./gradlew cleanIdea idea (Windows: gradlew.bat cleanIdea idea)

Open the generated IDEA project

Open Project Settings and make sure the correct JDK is selected

Run src/test/groovy/ContactUsFormSpec.groovy as you would run a JUnit test

Running Tests with Eclipse 3.5/3.6/3.7

Install the Groovy Eclipse plugin (see

> ./gradlew cleanEclipse eclipse (Windows: gradlew.bat cleanEclipse eclipse)

Open the generated Eclipse project

Open Preferences and enable these settings:
Groovy->Use monospace font for JUnit
Groovy->Compiler->Groovy Script Folders->Enable Script Folder support

Run src/test/groovy/ContactUsFormSpec.groovy as you would run a JUnit test

If you have problems running the tests, open the "Error Log" view (Window->Show View->Error Log) and check if there are any problems reported for the Groovy Eclipse plugin.

Further Help

If you have any problems or questions, please contact one the following mailing lists. We'd love to hear from you!

Groovy Eclipse plugin