hybrid-hack for graphics cards without a display: so far dumps a root window from one X-display into a window of another X-display.
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Florian Berger

dumps the root window of an x-display into another window on another
x-display. so you can work on a hybrid graphics card (e.g. nvidia optimus) 
which doesnt have its own display.

windump.c - as posted in hybrid-graphics-linux@lists.launchpad.net
this is published as GPL, so everybody feel free to contribute or improve.

first of all install the latest nvidia driver from www.nvidia.com
and set up a dual head xorg.conf with one screen configured with the
proprietary nvidia driver (an exmaple xorg.conf is in this repository)
the nvidia device had to be the primary device for me, otherwise it
wouldnt work.

the code is compiled by

gcc -o windump windump.c -lX11 -lXext -lXtst

and invoked by

./windump :0.0 :0.1

where :0.0 is the display of nvidia desktop and :0.1 is the display of the 
intel desktop