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Fieldtype and Inputfield for ProcessWire CMS
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FieldtypeImagePicker & InputfieldImagePicker

Inputfield Image Picker is an Inputfield & Fieldtype to select a single image file from a predefined folder on the server.

Inputfield in page edior


  • The folder containing the files.
    • A relative path relative to the /site/templates/ folder.
  • Width of chosen image in Inputfield
  • Width of image thumbnails in Inputfield

Inputfield Settings

Settings are per field.

When to use ?

Let editors choose an image from a predefined folder. Other than the native ProcessWire image field, the images here are not stored per page and can not be manipulated by API resizing/cropping. Suited for images that are used throughout the site and don't need dynamic resizing/cropping. This Fieldtype was developed to give editors the abilty to choose icons from a custom SVG icon set. But it can be used for any type of images.

How to render in template files

// render image 
<img src="<?= $page->fieldname->url ?>"> 
// render full disk path 
// render the text content for inlining SVG (works only with SVG images)


This module was developed based on Martijn Geerts' FieldTypeSelectFile module

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