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Added a stop/0 function which doesn't halt the Erlang node. Right now…

… it does a init:restart/0, but it should probably do something nicer. Also, added some info in the TOUR file.
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commit 0ea1b66b7b6fe07836400dd14194160a78bc8d9a 1 parent 3e1d7c5
etnt authored
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  1. +20 −0 lib/ermacs/doc/TOUR
  2. +5 −0 lib/ermacs/src/edit_lib.erl
20 lib/ermacs/doc/TOUR
@@ -106,6 +106,21 @@ Multiple buffers
You can use "C-x C-f" to open a new file, and then "C-x b" back here
as you would in emacs (but without the completions).
+The ~/.ermacs file
+Works similar to the ~/.erlang file, i.e you can put erlang
+code there to be evaluated. For example, if you want to redefine
+the global keymap so that "C-x C-c" doesn't halt the Erlang node,
+the add a line such as:
+ edit_keymap:global_set_key("C-x C-c", {edit_lib, stop, []}).
+to your ~/.ermacs file.
+(make sure that you make a newline after the dot)
Other stuff
@@ -113,3 +128,8 @@ To see what else there is, look in the keymap definition:
C-x C-f ../src/edit_globalmap.erl RET
+If you want to change the foreground/background colors, you
+can set the COLORFGBG environment variable like this:
+ export COLORFGBG="green;black"
5 lib/ermacs/src/edit_lib.erl
@@ -588,6 +588,11 @@ quit(State) ->
+-command({stop, [], "Exit the editor process, without halting Erlang."}).
+stop(State) ->
+ ?EDIT_TERMINAL:teardown(),
+ init:restart(). % FIXME , should do something nicer... (tobbe)
-command({printf, [{string, "String:"}],
"Print a string to standard output (the file edit.out)"}).
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