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Find and rate your next campsite here! A crowdsourced app where users can submit details about a campsite they visited.
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Project 2 - Campsite Findr

Link to Campsite Findr


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Introduction to Campsite Findr

This is a crowd-sourced app built to share campsites from all over the world. Once registered and logged in, users can submit campsites information including images and also leave a review with a rating.

Technologies used

  • Ruby on Rails version 2.4.2
  • Postgresql
  • Bcrypt
  • Bootstrap HTML
  • Images from
  • Google Font
  • Font Awesome

Installation/Startup Instructions

  1. Download this directory from Github to a local directory on your computer.
  2. In your terminal cd into this project folder.
  3. Make sure you are in the correct place by typing pwd.
  4. Then type bundle to install the Ruby gems needed for this app.
  5. If you do not have Postgresql, download it from their website:
  6. Run Postgresql server
  7. Open a new terminal tab CMD + t
  8. In the new tab, type rails run db:migrate to migrate the app's tables.
  9. Then type rails s to initiate your local server
  10. Open a new browser and type localhost:3000 - if you are getting an error make sure you don't have any other local servers running in your terminal.
  11. Start sharing campsites and reviews!


Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5

ERD (entity relationship diagram)


Issues Faced

  • My main issue was getting all my redirects to work properly. I had to set specific methods to request the destination url, the referrer, save cookie sessions, delete the cookie after, render a page, etc. It was very confusing.

  • I also got obsessed with Bootstrap and CSS and spent too much time and energy on tiny little details.


  • Fix the footer; does not fix to bottom on pages with less content.
  • When a user signs up, instead of redirecting to the login page, I would like to the user to be logged in automatically when they sign up and be redirected to their profile page.
  • Add an edit button in the user's profile.
  • Add search capability in the nav bar.

Trello Board

Link to Project 2 Trello Board

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