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Oh no! Drakey-head just had some cool dreams but they're slipping away.. Concentrate on the dreams you are first shown and match them on the next screen. Player 2 takes their turn and the best score wins!
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Project 1 - Dream Recall (Memory Game)


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

Introduction to Dream Recall

This game will be testing your memory skills. The player is presented with a collection of images to remember. The screen takes them to a larger collection of images with the previous images hidden within. They must choose best to their memory. There is a time limit to view and choose images. The players take turns and the one with the most matched images wins the round.


There are no hard rules. The game doesn't allow any other functions other than clicking to read the instructions, start the game, and choose their selection of images.

Mouse Click to Play Game

The is a click game. The player only has to utilize their mouse to left-click.

Technologies Used

The technologies used include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • Image, GIF, and Audio files
  • Google fonts

Initial Wireframe

Memory Game Wireframe 1

Memory Game Wireframe 2

Memory Game Wireframe 3

Memory Game Wireframe 4

Issues Faced

  1. A major issue I had was with trying to get some of the functions to work synchronously. The player rounds are set in timeouts and intervals and there was a lot of confusion setting up the functions to work in the order I needed.
  2. Another issue I had was with scoping. The variables were not defined with the proper scope which caused some bugs.


  • My backlog includes some jQuery animations that I was not able to do due to the nature of synchronous coding and the way that my timeouts and intervals were set up.
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