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Tapestry 5 jQuery integration. Fully replace Prototype and Scriptaculous with jQuery with as less as possible compatibility issues
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Tapestry 5 jQuery integration Module - 1.1-SNAPSHOT


  • 1.1-SNAPSHOT : exclusives jQuery components
  • 1.0-SNAPSHOT : initial releases


This module provides jQuery integration for Tapestry and completely drop out Prototype, Scriptaculous and the base tapestry.js script. This project is based on Tapestry5-ClientResources project.

It also relies on jQuery 1.4.2 and jQuery UI 1.8.

Exclusives jQuery components :

Theses components were originally present in Tapestry 5 Core and can still be used as it :

Due to some extensibility issues of Core components, theses are originals components need to be used using the "jquery" namespace

How to use it

Add the following lines in your application module class to enable JQuery:

public static void contributeApplicationDefaults(MappedConfiguration<String, String> configuration)
    configuration.add(ClientResourcesConstants.JAVASCRIPT_STACK, JQueryClientResourcesConstants.JAVASCRIPT_STACK_JQUERY);

Then use components like you would normally do. For Autocomplete, Datefield, Palette and LinkSubmit use "jquery" namespace:

    <t:jquery.datefield t:value="date" />
    <t:submit />

Important notice

Please be aware that not every core components are working correctly at the moment. There is still lot of developments to do. All kind of feedback is very welcome. Please use Github issues system for that.

Maven dependency

To use this plugin, add the following dependency in your pom.xml.




More Informations & contacts


This project is distributed under Apache 2 License. See LICENSE.txt for more information.

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