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Change Log


  • Support for more object/variations being returned by integrity polls and read requests
  • Can add pre-constructed physical layers to PhysicalLayerManager
  • Decoupling of PhysLayerInstance and PhysicalLayerMap
  • Java binding tests to verify swig interface
  • Added support for DNS resolution of TCPClient/TCPServer addresses
  • Added Python swig bindings
  • Added DNP3 master demo/example program
  • Example master/slave programs configurable via command line
  • Upgraded Windows build to Visual Studio 2010
  • Added C++/CLI binding layer for .NET support
  • Can produce 64-bit Windows binaries
  • All tests running in autotools build
  • Refactored source paths to fit Linux/autotools style
  • Moved VS2010 project/solutions to own directory
  • Removed Rake build system
  • Java binding shared library/DLL renamed to “opendnp3-java”
  • Renamed Java packages to simpler “org.totalgrid.dnp3”
  • Java artifact now being published by Maven as org.totalgrid.dnp3:opendnp3
  • Renamed test set to “dnp3testset” to distinguish it in unix ecosystem when installed
  • Re-enabled “start online” ability in slave test set
  • Slave unsolicited response configuration was not being read from XML
  • Missing files added to Swig binding configuration
  • Missing headers added to installed headers list
  • Fix for incorrect behavior when unsolicited is enabled but no classes are specified


  • Migrated to Boost 1.47.0
  • Added Virtual Terminal Object (VTO) support with standard implementation and experimental stream support
  • Migrated all external numeric types to use boost type definitions for interoperability
  • Added autotools support thanks to Chris Verges - Rake may be replaced entirely with autotools in a future release
  • Added Astyle code formatter to project build systems
  • Master/Slave can now both notify of their current state using an enumeration
  • TestSet includes address scanning feature to detect devices that don't support broadcast addressing
  • sub-Masters on same channel can now use same address if talking to different slaves
  • Log messages can now contain well known key-value pairs
  • Management class 'AsyncStackManager' now automatically runs when stacks are added, no Start() call
  • AsyncStackManger blocks when RemovePort() or RemoveStack() are called until the operation has completed
  • Fixed bugs: 18, 15, 9, 7


Rebased java namespace to org.totalgrid.reef.protocol.dnp3 Java SO static loading can be overriden using system property "org.totalgrid.reef.protocol.dnp3.nostaticload" Fixed a major bug in slave unsolcited mode on event buffer overflow.


  • Fixed parsing bug in testset that caused erroneous pulse repititions
  • Fixed a bug in DataPoll.cpp that caused stack to crash if it eas configured with an empty exception scan
  • Added an address scanning feature to the TestSet
  • Removed ASIOIncludes.h and replaced with preprocessor defines for all platforms.
  • Fix for issue #9
  • Jar now require shared library to be install on java.library.path