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Updated changelog for 1.1.0

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Change Log
+### 1.1.0 ###
+- Support for more object/variations being returned by integrity polls and read requests
+- Can add pre-constructed physical layers to PhysicalLayerManager
+- Decoupling of PhysLayerInstance and PhysicalLayerMap
+- Java binding tests to verify swig interface
+- Added support for DNS resolution of TCPClient/TCPServer addresses
+- Added Python swig bindings
+- Added DNP3 master demo/example program
+- Example master/slave programs configurable via command line
+- Upgraded Windows build to Visual Studio 2010
+- Added C++/CLI binding layer for .NET support
+- Can produce 64-bit Windows binaries
+- All tests running in autotools build
+- Refactored source paths to fit Linux/autotools style
+- Moved VS2010 project/solutions to own directory
+- Removed Rake build system
+- Java binding shared library/DLL renamed to “opendnp3-java”
+- Renamed Java packages to simpler “org.totalgrid.dnp3”
+- Java artifact now being published by Maven as org.totalgrid.dnp3:opendnp3
+- Renamed test set to “dnp3testset” to distinguish it in unix ecosystem when installed
+- Re-enabled “start online” ability in slave test set
+- Slave unsolicited response configuration was not being read from XML
+- Missing files added to Swig binding configuration
+- Missing headers added to installed headers list
+- Fix for incorrect behavior when unsolicited is enabled but no classes are specified
### 1.0.0 ###
- Migrated to Boost 1.47.0
- Added Virtual Terminal Object (VTO) support with standard implementation and experimental stream support
2  README
@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ install scripts also copy the Boost distributables to this location.
Start Menu > ControlPanel > System > Advanced > EnvironmentVariables
-### Installing ARM CROSS-COMPILER ###
+### Installing ARM Cross-Compiler ###
If you want to build for the Technologic Systems ARM platform, install
the cross-compiler:
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