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Gecko Landmarks API Android Example

An example Android application that uses the Landmark API to fetch local landmark data and show that on a Google Map.

This builds on the Google Maps example available at

Gecko Landmark API Android Example screenshot

Testing the application

You can install the application from the provided APK-file.

Building the application

Before importing the project to Eclipse, you should:

  1. Have Google APIs installed in Eclipse. The example uses Google API v7 as default target. See
  2. Register your development certificate with Google to get a Google Maps API key, see
  3. Insert your Google Maps API key into res/layout/main.xml: android:apiKey="INSERT_YOUR_API_KEY"

For proper testing, you should also insert your own Landmark API key to src/com/geckolandmarks/apiexample/LandmarkApiAccess.Java, private static final String LANDMARK_API_KEY = "EXAMPLE_KEY_3edaba1953abf86";. Contact to get your own key. The default example key works but is rate-limited.

After these steps, either download the full sources in a ZIP-file or clone this repo. Then in Eclipse do File > Import > Existing Projects into Workspace.

Note: Proper error and string handling has been omitted from the example to make the code as simple as possible.

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