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Assets 2
  • Experimental support for PBR materials (dagon.graphics.materials.pbrclustered). PBR material backend works in linear space and outputs tonemapped value using Hable function. Current limitations are constant-based metallic and roughness parameters (no texture support for them) and no custom environment maps support (sky parameters are used for procedural environment map). Eventually these features will be implemented.
  • HDR textures.
  • energy parameter for light sources.
  • Transparency support for ShadelessBackend.
  • BaseScene3D now provides all entities with default material.
  • Dynamic scaling for particles.
  • Better default colors for Sky.
  • Improved shadows.
  • Different attachement logic for entities - parent/child relation, camera-invariant, screen-invariant.
  • Joystick support has been added to EventManager. Games that use joystick must be shipped with gamecontrollerdb.txt file to automatically configure button mappings (otherwise mapping will be unpredictable).