Component-based 2D game engine written in ooc/sdl2
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Vamos is a 2D component-oriented game development library written in the ooc programming language. It is inspired by FlashPunk, also drawing ideas from LÖVE and over game libraries.


  • Modular graphic and collision system (based on FlashPunk)
  • Component system, allows you create reusable behaviours for entities.
  • Existing components for timers, tweening, and simple physics.
  • Graphic classes for images, bitmap fonts, tilemaps (WIP), and animation.
  • Easy management, loading, and generation of assets.
  • Framerate-independent update loop.
  • Few dependencies (the whole engine only needs one DLL/shared lib, for SDL)


To get started with Vamos, you'll need to install the following three ooc packages:

Of these, only ooc-sdl2 requires extra setup. You'll need to download the SDL 2.0 C sources from and compile and install them for your system.

stb-image is used to load .png files (and other image formats). stb-vorbis is used for playing music in .ogg format. These two libraries are entirely self-contained, you just have to copy them to your ooc libs folder.


(more stuff will be added here as we think of it)

  • Improve performance of tilemaps
  • Get sound working (currently only music works, and it's not so simple to use)
  • Tutorials