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Wheel Selector

Used the follow website as some reference, mainly obtained CdA for varoius positions here

Linear correlation of BSA to cyclist frontal area from paper on hour records this is for drops, need to correlate back out to which riding position you're in

BSA corrects the CdA value for rider height

The result of this gives an approximate CdA for each riding position - This assumes that rider does NOT have special Aero gear (i.e. relatively normal kit) - Also assumes traditional Non-aero wheelsets (Going to use Boyd Altamont Wheelset as baseline) - This is done since the wheelset closely approximates an older (90's aero w/s)

First cut of program will not take into account crosswinds (i.e.) - wind_cor_wheel_cda function will just return a value of 1.0 * drag0 - Future will involve some uberti correlation of crosswind direction - Will reference previous blog post on crosswinds in order to determine