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This is the motility library, part of the cartwheel project; see

for more information.

Most of the source code included in this directory is under the Lesser
GNU Public License; you can find a copy in doc/LICENSE.txt.  Only files
that are not explicitly licensed under a different license than the LGPL
are not under the LGPL.

Likewise, all of the source code in this package is Copyright (C)
2003-2007 California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, 91125,
except where explicitly noted.

This source code was written by C. Titus Brown.  The contact author for this
package is Titus,  Please contact him regarding any
questions you may have about the motility library.

Please see the Web site above for more information on the license for,
contributors to, and function of, Cartwheel.  Documentation for developers,
as well as an overview and a tutorial are all available through that

See BUILD.txt for instructions on building and installing.

12/2007 CTB
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