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Welcome to the TwArχiv.

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The TwArχiv is a Twitter Archive Analyzer that is designed to take in a complete Twitter archive as downloaded from and subsequently analyse it with respect to the number of tweets/replies etc. On the most basic level it displays how a person's tweeting frequency changes over time and how the proportion of tweets/retweets/replies changes over time. The TwArχiv additionally tries to predict the gender of the people that a given user retweets and replies to, potentially uncovering unconscious bias when it comes to online interactions. Furthermore, the TwArχiv uses geolocation to display a Tweet-location and movement profile for the user.

Usage / Installation

TwArχiv is a Python / Django application that has been designed to be deployed on Heroku. It is recommended to work with Python3 for installation. For the file storage and user management it interfaces with Open Humans through OAuth. A deployed version can be seen live in action at Read the for detailed installation instructions 👍.


We are always happy about new contributors! Open an issue if you find a bug or have feature ideas. If you want to contribute code please head to our Also: You have a larger feature/analysis idea that's not in TwArχiv yet? Open Humans is giving out grants of up to $5,000 for projects that help to grow their eco-system that are a perfect match for this!


export data from twitter archive and visualize it




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