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node "~> 5.12.0"

A simple, structured web framework for Node

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Install Geddy:

$ npm install -g geddy

Create an app, start it up:

$ geddy gen app my_app
$ cd my_app
$ geddy
Creating 1 worker process.
Server worker running in development on port 4000

Create a CRUD resource

$ geddy gen scaffold foobar baz:string qux:int
[Added] app/models/foobar.js
[Added] db/migrations/20130809201124_create_foobars.js
[Added] test/models/foobar.js
[Added] test/controllers/foobars.js
[Added] app/controllers/foobars.js
[Added] Resource foobars route added to config/router.js
[Added] View templates


Docs are on the GeddyJS Website: http://geddyjs.org/documentation

Community Tutorials

Geddy.JS: A No-Brainer MVC Node.js Framework - Bhanu Pratap Chaudhary https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/geddy-js-a-no-brainer-mvc-node-js-framework



Apache License, Version 2

Geddy Web-app development framework copyright 2112 mde@fleegix.org.