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"model.validatesPresent": "\"{name}\" is required."
, "model.validatesAbsent": "\"{name}\" must not be filled in."
, "model.validatesConfirmed": "\"{name}\" and \"{qual}\" must match."
, "model.validatesFormat": "\"{name}\" is not correctly formatted."
, "model.validatesExactLength": "\"{name}\" must be {qual} characters long."
, "model.validatesMinLength": "\"{name}\" must be at least {min} characters long."
, "model.validatesMaxLength": "\"{name}\" may not be more than {max} characters long."
, "model.validatesWithFunction": "\"{name}\" is not valid."
, "model.validatesNumber": "\"{name}\" must be a number."
, "model.validatesInteger": "\"{name}\" must be an integer."
, "model.validatesObject": "\"{name}\" must be an object."
, "model.validatesArray": "\"{name}\" must be an array."
, "model.validatesDate": "\"{name}\" must be in a valid date format."
, "model.validatesDatetime": "\"{name}\" must be in a valid datetime format."
, "model.validatesTime": "\"{name}\" must be in a valid time format."
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