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@@ -77,7 +77,8 @@ Attention all planets of the Solar Federation
Use `geddy-gen resource` in your app directory to add a
resource. The route will be set up automatically for you.
- mde@localhost:~/work/bytor$ geddy-gen resource snow_dogs
+ mde@localhost:~/work/bytor$ geddy-gen resource snow_dog
+ [ADDED] ./app/models/snow_dog.js
[ADDED] ./app/controllers/snow_dogs.js
resources snow_dogs route added to ./config/router.js
Created view templates.
@@ -88,6 +89,21 @@ and you should see something like this:
+The geddy-gen utility doesn't handle fancy pluralization between
+model and controller -- the default is simply to add an "s"
+to your resource name to use for the plural in controller
+names and paths.
+However, you can specify different singular/plural names when
+generating your resource. Separate the singular and plural
+names by a comma, like this:
+ mde@localhost:~/work/bytor$ geddy-gen resource person,people
+ [ADDED] ./app/models/person.js
+ [ADDED] ./app/controllers/people.js
+ resources people route added to ./config/router.js
+ Created view templates.
### App layout
After adding a resource, a Geddy app is laid out like this:

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