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Merge pull request #156 from fern4lvarez/spanish-locales

Adding spanish locales es-es.
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2 parents 7122527 + 479fbc7 commit 7ec5f5fa6c0215354c14c67079d4b15184bdf950 @Techwraith Techwraith committed Jun 14, 2012
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@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ Restart Geddy, and you'll see the new route working. Hit your
new route -- for example, http://localhost:4000/snow_dogs.json,
and you should see something like this:
+ {"method":"index","params":{"extension":"json"}}
The geddy generator utility also handles fancy pluralization
between model and controller. Specify your resource-name as a
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ usage = ''
+ '{Usage}: geddy [options]\n'
+ '\n'
+ '{Options}:\n'
- + ' -e, --environment Evironment config to use\n'
+ + ' -e, --environment Environment config to use\n'
+ ' -p, --port NUM Port number, defaults to 4000\n'
+ ' -n, --workers NUM Number of worker processes to use, defaults to 2\n'
+ ' -V/v, --version Outputs the version of geddy that you have installed\n'
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+{ "model.validatesPresent": "\"{name}\" es obligatorio.", "model.validatesAbsent": "\"{name}\" no puede estar vacío.", "model.validatesConfirmed": "\"{name}\" y \"{qual}\" deben coincidir.", "model.validatesFormat": "\"{name}\" tiene un formato incorrecto.", "model.validatesExactLength": "\"{name}\" debe contener {qual} caracteres.", "model.validatesMinLength": "\"{name}\" debe contener al menos {min} caracteres.", "model.validatesMaxLength": "\"{name}\" no puede contener más de {max} caracteres.", "model.validatesWithFunction": "\"{name}\" es incorrecto.", "model.validatesNumber": "\"{name}\" debe ser un número.", "model.validatesInteger": "\"{name}\" debe ser un entero.", "model.validatesObject": "\"{name}\" debe ser un objeto.", "model.validatesArray": "\"{name}\" debe ser un array.", "model.validatesDate": "\"{name}\" debe tener un formato de fecha válido.", "model.validatesDatetime": "\"{name}\" debe tener un formato de fecha y hora válido.", "model.validatesTime": "\"{name}\" debe tener un formato de hora válido."}

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