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@@ -16,36 +16,34 @@ but still let you get under the hood and tinker if you want.
* Easy resource-based routing
* App and resource generators
* Content-negotiation
- * Session support (in-memory and CouchDB)
+ * Session support (in-memory, cookie, CouchDB)
* Templating (EJS), partials support
* Fully non-blocking
### License
Apache License, Version 2
-### Community
+### Prerequisites
+Geddy requires version 0.4.x or higher of Node.js, and the
+[Jake]( JavaScript build-tool.
-\#node.js on
-Mailing list:
-### Building and installing Geddy
-** Prerequisites**
-Geddy requires version 0.1.98 of Node.js.
+### Installing
To get Geddy from GitHub and install it:
git clone git://
cd geddy
make && sudo make install
+### Installing with [NPM](
+ npm install -g geddy
+Geddy includes app- and resource-generation scripts that are
+easiest to use in a global install.
### Routes
Routes are similar to Merb or Rails routes.
@@ -68,10 +66,11 @@ Routes are similar to Merb or Rails routes.
### Creating a Geddy app
-Geddy comes with a utility called `geddy-gen` you can use to
-create an app. Run `geddy` to start the server.
+You can use Geddy to create an app. Run `geddy app [app-name]` to
+create an app. Then Run `geddy` inside the app-directory to start
+the server.
- mde@localhost:~/work$ geddy-gen app bytor
+ mde@localhost:~/work$ geddy app bytor
Created app bytor.
mde@localhost:~/work$ cd bytor
mde@localhost:~/work/bytor$ geddy
@@ -83,7 +82,7 @@ Attention all planets of the Solar Federation
### Adding resources
-Use `geddy-gen resource` in your app directory to add a
+Use `geddy resource` in your app directory to add a
resource. The route will be set up automatically for you.
mde@localhost:~/work/bytor$ geddy-gen resource snow_dog
@@ -98,20 +97,10 @@ and you should see something like this:
-The geddy-gen utility doesn't handle fancy pluralization between
-model and controller -- the default is simply to add an "s"
-to your resource name to use for the plural in controller
-names and paths.
-However, you can specify different singular/plural names when
-generating your resource. Separate the singular and plural
-names by a comma, like this:
- mde@localhost:~/work/bytor$ geddy-gen resource person,people
- [ADDED] ./app/models/person.js
- [ADDED] ./app/controllers/people.js
- resources people route added to ./config/router.js
- Created view templates.
+The geddy generator utility also handles fancy pluralization
+between model and controller. Specify your resource-name as a
+singular naun, and the generator will do the right thing --
+changing 'person' to 'people,' etc.
### App layout
@@ -251,10 +240,7 @@ Here is an example of a model with some validations:
// Do some other stuff
- // Server-side, commonjs
- exports.User = User;
- // Client-side
- // geddy.model.registerModel('User');
+ geddy.model.registerModel('User', User);
Creating an instance of one of these models is easy:

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