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Displaying validation message #109

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I am having a problem displaying validation message in the todo app tutorial. I have done the following:

  1. Created a directory called "locales" in my todo app to directory.
  2. Updated the config/development.js file to add , i18n: { defaultLocale: 'en-us' ,loadPaths: [process.cwd() + '/locales'] }
  3. Copy and Paste the template/locales/en-us.json file into my "locales" directory
  4. Updated my app/views/todos/_form.html.ejs based on the latest repo todo app example.
  5. Updated my app/controllers/todos.js based on the latest repo todo app example.
  6. Fire up geddy.

When I try to add a new todo say I leave out the title field blank and click add, it will give me the validation property name such as [[model.validatesPresent]] instead of the message itself.

Am I missing something here? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


We're working on reproducing this one now. There's likely an issue we need to solve here. I'll keep you updated with info as we get it.


I have the same problem in Windows 7


@mde Any ideas here? I haven't been able to jump in and try to reproduce this one yet.


@mde- have any input on this one?


@Techwraith , I am sorry for not responding. I have since moved on to a different project. I will try to check into this perhaps this weekend. Thanks.

@Techwraith Techwraith closed this

How i validate from client with geddy?

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