connecting to server with 'geddy' command #127

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czhae commented Apr 26, 2012

Right now it seems like I can connect to the server if and only if I call geddy command in the home directory of the app.
It is not a big issue but it would be very convenient if you can connect to the server from other subdirectories kind of like in Rails


Techwraith commented Apr 26, 2012

Thanks, this isn't currently planned, but I might try to knock this one out this weekend.


mde commented Apr 28, 2012

Interesting, didn't know Rails did this.


mde commented Jun 29, 2012

Nice. :)


larzconwell commented Jun 29, 2012

@wayfare Geddy will run in any of the child directories in a Geddy app, but only up to 5 directories, then it'll just show the help dialog. (: I hope this solves your problem!

czhae commented Jun 29, 2012

Thanks you all! Could you quickly post the link to the commit please? I am trying to learn more javascript :)


larzconwell commented Jun 29, 2012

20e3533 There you go!

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