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I'm new to MVC, normally I'm just developing optimization algorithms and then handing them off to other developers to use. When I read the code for a Geddy project everything makes sense until I get to the Controller returns. I walked through the tutorial and when I look at the controllers they are ending with:

self.redirect({params: params});
self.respond({params: params, todo: todo});

What is actually being done here? I know that somehow markup is being compiled and returned to the browser. How does the browser know that it only needs to refresh the html in the (div class="container") field?

Part of the reason I really want to understand is that I am hoping to build some single page apps with Geddy and I am wondering if I can get the browser to fade the transitions between the old markup and new markup. Thanks for any help, it is much appreciated.

mde commented Apr 29, 2012

This is a very good question -- but could you post it to the new mailing list, so other people can participate in the discussion?

Here's where you can find the mailing list:


Thanks. :)

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