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jade not included when generating new app using the --jade flag #273

hallas opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Christoffer Hallas Larz Conwell Daniel Erickson
Christoffer Hallas

The views are correctly created as jade files with jade syntax, but the module isn't downloaded via npm. Is this expected?

Did you guys think about using package.json and npm install / update?

Daniel Erickson
Christoffer Hallas

I would be very neat if the depedencies where added to the package.json, so that one can use npm to maintain them. Shouldn't be too hard to add to the generators either. Agree?

Daniel Erickson

Yeah, we'll take a look at this soon. I'd say that this is definitely a planned feature.

Larz Conwell larzconwell closed this issue from a commit
Larz Conwell Closes #273 Add template engine to package.json if you change the
default through cli flags(e,g,. --jade, --handlebars, etc.).

Also added a package.json to the app generator.
Larz Conwell larzconwell closed this in b786faf
Larz Conwell

As @Techwraith said, we try not to install anything for you automatically(unless you're doing geddy auth), but I made it so when you use another template engine than the default, it'll add it to the package.json, also included a package.json when doing geddy app.

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