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Update guide about geddy jake db:migrate rollback #564

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I am just beginner for geddy and jake. But I spent some time to find the way to rollback a migration. I am using Mac, and in Terminal I have to pass the following command to rollback to a previous version

geddy jake db:migrate'[20140311185235]'  

btw, having another command call geddy jake db:rollback (down to previous version) would help too


Definitely need to document that -- you just pass the name of the desired migration to roll back to. Apologies that that's not in the docs.

@3dd13 3dd13 referenced this issue from a commit in 3dd13/geddy
@3dd13 3dd13 include the jake task command for rolling back
add the `geddy jake db:migrate[1392335995]` for reference

I found the migrate to timestamp in this file:

is this file in use ?

the following not working on my mac Terminal without quote (perhaps because I am using zsh)

geddy jake db:migrate[1392335995]

this one works for me:

geddy jake db:migrate'[1392335995]'

The stuff in the support dir is the result of an abortive attempt to make a big change to the way we handle our docs. Looks like there are some updates to the docs that only happened on that side. I'll make sure that at least this stuff gets migrated over. I think it's also time to remove that superfluous directory.

@3dd13 3dd13 closed this
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