Contributing to Geddy

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Contributing to Geddy is easy, just fork it, make your changes, and send us a pull request.

Open issues

If you're looking for ways that you can help out, check out our open issues.

JavaScript style

Please read the JavaScript styleguide to understand how you should be writing your JavaScript for Geddy. We use semicolons at the ends of lines, and don't omit curly brackets.

GitHub comments and mailing-list posts

We are a friendly group of people in the Geddy community. GitHub comments and mailing-list posts are moderated. A comment may be removed if it's insulting or needlessly incendiary. Don't do these things:

  1. Don't insult people. (Calling somebody "stupid" or "a fucking moron" is a good example of this.)
  2. Don't disparage our work, without any specifics, or actual attempt to help. ("Geddy isn't very good." "There are frankly better alternatives to Geddy out there.") We work hard on Geddy. You're free to say whatever you want about it in your own house, but not here.
  3. Don't actively promote your directly competing framework. ("You should really use AweseomFramework.js, it's really better.")

Basically, your posts won't get moderated if you don't act like a dick.

Master, feature and release branches

Development of new features happens in feature branches, while stable releases happen in the release branches. New features and upcoming releases are merged into the master branch regulary, to keep it up to date.