Command line app to download images.
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Need hundred of images for your project?


$ go get


  • Download 1000 images, tagged with cat, from Flickr:

    $ imgdownloader -tag="cat" -n=1000 -from="flickr" -out="./cats"
  • From Instagram:

    $ imgdownloader -tag="cat" -n=1000 -from="instagram" -out="./cats"
  • From Google Picasa Web:

    $ imgdownloader -tag="cat" -n=1000 -from="picasa" -out="./cats"

There's a showterm of the usage if want to see imgdownloader in action.

Currently, there are three providers: flickr, instagram, and picasa. You specify provider via -from parameter. Since getting list of images from providers involves calling provider's REST API, you need to provide client credentials for imgdownloader in imgdownloader.json either in current directory or your $HOME directory with following format:

	"flickr": {
		"api_key": "YOUR_FLICKR_API_KEY"
	"instagram": {
		"access_token": "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN"
	"picasa": {
		"": ""

To get Instagram's access_token you can use ginsta:

$ go get
$ ginsta token_get # Open localhost:8080 In your browser

Currently you need to specify picasa config as a placeholder so that the config reader doesn't returns an error.