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Preview Github

The preview mimics repo homepage in Github.


  • PHP 5.3+
  • curl enabled
  • Internet connection to send POST request to Github API

How to use

You have project that need to be published onto Github and you're not sure about how the will render in your repository's homepage.

Using CLI

$ ./preview_github_readme

or you can pipe it to browser:

$ ./preview_github_readme | browser

In daily use, it's worth to alias this long script's name:

alias gmd='/path/to/cloned-repo/preview_github_readme'

Using webserver

Assuming your local development is accessible via http://localhost/ and you're cloning this preview scripts into the docroot of your localhost. Now you can preview your local


or you can use PHP built-in server:

php -S localhost:8080

and open above url with specified port.

How it Works

preview_github_readme.php looks for readme file and if the file exists, send it to Github Markdown's API, otherwise lookup,, or file in root directory.

The markup and stylesheet for previewing are copied from Github.