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A text generation benchmarking platform
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Texygen is a benchmarking platform to support research on open-domain text generation models. Texygen has not only implemented a majority of text generation models, but also covered a set of metrics that evaluate the diversity, the quality and the consistency of the generated texts. The Texygen platform could help standardize the research on text generation and facilitate the sharing of fine-tuned open-source implementations among researchers for their work. As a consequence, this would help in improving the reproductivity and reliability of future research work in text generation.

For more details, please refer to our SIGIR 2018 paper: Texygen: A Benchmarking Platform for Text Generation Models by Yaoming Zhu et al.

Should you have any questions and enquiries, please feel free to contact Yaoming Zhu (ym-zhu [AT] and Weinan Zhang (wnzhang [AT]


We suggest you run the platform under Python 3.6+ with following libs:

  • TensorFlow >= 1.5.0
  • Numpy 1.12.1
  • Scipy 0.19.0
  • NLTK 3.2.3
  • CUDA 7.5+ (Suggested for GPU speed up, not compulsory)

Or just type pip install -r requirements.txt in your terminal.

Implemented Models and Original Papers

Get Started

git clone
cd Texygen
# run SeqGAN with default setting

More detailed documentation for the platform and code setup is provided here.

Evaluation Results

BLEU on image COCO caption test dataset:

BLEU2 0.745 0.673 0.743 0.746 0.593 0.731
BLEU3 0.498 0.432 0.467 0.528 0.463 0.497
BLEU4 0.294 0.257 0.264 0.355 0.277 0.305
BLEU5 0.180 0.159 0.156 0.230 0.207 0.189

Mode Collapse (Self-BLEU):

          SeqGAN MaliGAN RankGAN LeakGAN TextGAN       MLE
S-BLEU2 0.950 0.918 0.959 0.966 0.942 0.916
S-BLEU3 0.840 0.781 0.882 0.913 0.931 0.769
S-BLEU4 0.670 0.606 0.762 0.848 0.804 0.583
S-BLEU5 0.489 0.437 0.618 0.780 0.746 0.408

More detailed benchmark settings and evaluation results are provided here.


  title={Texygen: A Benchmarking Platform for Text Generation Models},
  author={Zhu, Yaoming and Lu, Sidi and Zheng, Lei and Guo, Jiaxian and Zhang, Weinan and Wang, Jun and Yu, Yong},
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