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@geek1011 geek1011 released this Sep 27, 2018 · 11 commits to master since this release

Changes for v4.0.0

f8835e5 Updated PDF viewer (fixes #53, closes #61)
451ed1c Improve update check
ad1e625 Switched to pflag for flag parsing
cd13d32 Fixed ARM builds
0802efe Clean up unused dependencies
a5eb5ba Reorganize modules/server package, use packr instead of bindata
64a5c65 Fix tests
a81eaf5 Moved modules/sigusr and modules/util packages to root
8edf92d Basic mobi support (closes #26)
6f6bf15 Fixed book download filenames
5af5c74 Added background indexing (closes #34)
33d8e5c Remove advanced search for now
314edcc Updated ePubViewer (new design, dictionary, more) (closes #58)
ffa05bf Refactor booklist, formats, and indexer (closes #59)
2bc35d0 Add arm, arm64 goarch (#57)
19dbe1f Move thumbnail generation into a function. (fixes #44)
8bf389e Fixed bindata conflict (fixes #42)
c2c71a9 Add a dockerfile (#37)
980fe8c Updated year
3b51b18 Do not regenerate cover if already cached (fixes #33)


  1. Download the binary for your platform below
  2. Copy it to the directory with your books
  3. Run it
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