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Version Carthage compatible Swift Version License Platform

  • MVVM + Redux reactive facade ViewKit for Feed based app development
  • Eliminates Massive View Controller in unidirectional Action/State flow

Massive View Controller Terminator

  • No more UICollectionViewDataSource/UICollectionViewDelegate overhead
  • No more giant if statement to manage model/cell mapping, action handling
  • No more coupling Delegation pattern: 1 to n Action-driven pattern, more loosely coupled
  • FLUX one way data flow - solves core problems of MVC:
    • Central mediator
    • Chaining callback propagration
    • Data binding

FeedList/FeedDetails FacadeViewClass wraps complex UICollectionView

  • Implement Instagram FeedList within 50 lines of code
  • Embedded HorizontalSectionAdapterView simplifies nested horizontal ListView implementation within 10 lines code
  • Adaptive to various CellComponent classes:
    • UICollectionViewCell
    • UIView
    • UIViewController - handles domained actions of complex Cell
  • Embedded convenient actions set
    • CZFeedListViewAction - pullToRefresh/loadMore etc.

Unidirectional Data Flow

  • Dispatcher: Propagates domained actions

  • Store: Maintains State tree

  • Subscriber: Subscribes to Store and updates Components with new State

  • Action: Action driven - more loosely coupled pattern than Delegation pattern

  • State:

    • Waterfall reacting flow
    • Composition: RootState is composed of Substates
    • Reacts to Action and outputs new State, propagates Action to children nodes via State tree

Automatic Batch Update

  • Smart Diff Algorithm for ListView incremental update on top of Longest Common Subsequence - O(n) time complexity
  • Perform Insert/Delete/Move/Update of Sections/Cells based on internal models diff algorithm


  • Efficient ViewModel tree diff algorithm, no more imperative manual cells update code

Instagram Demo

Implemented on top of ReactiveListViewKit


MVVM + Redux Reactive Facade ViewKit, eliminates Massive View Controller in unidirectional action/state flow.




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