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My Python Eggs 🐍 😄

I do not consider myself as a programmer. I create these little programs as experiments to play with Python, or to solve problems for myself. I would gladly accept pointers from others to improve, simplify, or make the code more efficient. If you would like to make any comments then please feel free to email me:

This repository contains a collection of Python scripts that are designed to reduce human workload and serve as educational examples for beginners to get started with Python. The code documentation is aligned correctly for viewing in Notepad++ 🗒️

Feel free to explore the scripts and use them for your learning and automation needs!

List of Scripts:

  1. - Batch rename a group of files in a specified directory, changing their extensions.
  2. - Check if a directory exists in the user's home directory. Create it if it doesn't exist.
  3. Fast Youtube Downloader - Download YouTube videos quickly with parallel threads using aria2c.
  4. Google Image Downloader - Query a given term and retrieve images from the Google Image database.
  5. - Test if the directory testdir exists. If not, create it.
  6. - Check if all the required environment variables are set.
  7. - Casino Blackjack-21 game in Python.
  8. - Show file information for a given file.
  9. - Scan the current directory and all subdirectories and display their sizes.
  10. - Search for all *.log files in a directory, zip them using the specified program, and date stamp them.
  11. - Move all files over a specified age (in days) from the source directory to the destination directory.
  12. - Open the file server_list.txt and perform nslookup for each server to check the DNS entry.
  13. - Display information about the operating system on which the script is running.
  14. - Ping the servers associated with the specified application group.
  15. - Scan the final range of a given IP subnet for available addresses.
  16. - Ping machines in the server list. Load the putty session if the machine is up, or notify if it is not.
  17. - Zip all the logs in the given directory.
  18. - Scan the scripts directory and count the different types of scripts.
  19. - Get more views for YouTube videos and repeat songs on YouTube.
  20. - List all files in a given directory and its subdirectories.
  21. - Open a file and print out 100 lines of the set line variable.
  22. - Tweet text or a picture from the terminal.
  23. - List available serial ports in use on Linux and Windows systems.
  24. - Get more views for YouTube videos and repeat songs on YouTube.
  25. and CountMillionCharacter2.0 - Get character count of a text file.
  26. - Download the latest XKCD comic and place them in a new folder called "comics".
  27. - An alternative to Python's 'timeit' module and easier to use.
  28. - Implement a calculator using Python's eval() function.
  29. - Use BeautifulSoup to provide latest news headlines along with news links.
  30. cricket_live_score - Use BeautifulSoup to provide live cricket scores.
  31. - Take a song name as input and fetch the YouTube URL of the best matching song and play it.
  32. - Check the health of a remote server.
  33. - Simple stop watch implementation using Python's time module.
  34. - Change your MAC address, generate a random MAC address, or enter input as a new MAC address on Linux (Successfully Tested in Ubuntu 18.04).
  35. - Use Selenium to give online status updates about your contacts in WhatsApp on the terminal.
  36. - WhatsApp group/individual chat analyzer that visualizes chat activity using matplotlib.
  37. - Control Windows programs with your voice.
  38. Images Downloader - Download images from webpages on Unix-based systems.
  39. - Classical 2D space invader game to recall your childhood memories.
  40. Test Case Generator - Generate different types of test cases with a clean and friendly UI, used in competitive programming and software testing.
  41. Extract Thumbnail From Video - Extract Thumbnail from video files
  42. How to begin the journey of open source (first contribution) - First Contribution of open source

Note: The content in this repository belongs to the respective authors and creators. I'm just providing a formatted for better presentation.