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# Script Name :
# Author : Craig Richards
# Created : 13th October 2011
# Last Modified : 29th February 2012
# Version : 1.2
# Modifications : 1.1 - Added the variable zip_program so you can set it for the zip program on whichever OS, so to run on a different OS just change the locations of these two variables.
# : 1.2 - 29-02-12 - CR - Added shutil module and added one line to move the zipped up logs to the zipped_logs directory
# Description : Zip up all the logs in the given directory
import os # Load the Library Module
import shutil # Load the Library Module - 1.2
from time import strftime # Load just the strftime Module from Time
logsdir="c:\logs\puttylogs" # Set the Variable logsdir
zipdir="c:\logs\puttylogs\zipped_logs" # Set the Variable zipdir - 1.2
zip_program="zip.exe" # Set the Variable zip_program - 1.1
for files in os.listdir(logsdir): # Find all the files in the directory
if files.endswith(".log"): # Check to ensure the files in the directory end in .log
files1=files+"."+strftime("%Y-%m-%d")+".zip" # Create the Variable files1, this is the files in the directory, then we add a suffix with the date and the zip extension
os.chdir(logsdir) # Change directory to the logsdir
os.system(zip_program + " " + files1 +" "+ files) # Zip the logs into dated zip files for each server. - 1.1
shutil.move(files1, zipdir) # Move the zipped log files to the zipped_logs directory - 1.2
os.remove(files) # Remove the original log files
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