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# Created by Nathan R (Mosrod)
from random import *
x = 1
for i in range(x):
num = randint(1, 80)
if num == 1:
print("Reticulating splines...")
if num == 2:
print("Swapping time and space...")
if num == 3:
print("Spinning violently around the y-axis...")
if num == 4:
print("Tokenizing real life...")
if num == 5:
print("Bending the spoon...")
if num == 6:
print("Filtering morale...")
if num == 7:
print("We need a new fuse...")
if num == 8:
print("Have a good day.")
if num == 9:
print("Upgrading Windows, your PC will restart several times. Sit back and relax.")
if num == 10:
print("The architects are still drafting.")
if num == 11:
print("We're building the buildings as fast as we can.")
if num == 12:
print("Please wait while the little elves draw your map.")
if num == 13:
print("Don't worry - a few bits tried to escape, but we caught them.")
if num == 14:
print("Go ahead -- hold your breath!")
if num == 15:
print(" least you're not on hold...")
if num == 16:
print("The server is powered by a lemon and two electrodes.")
if num == 17:
print("We're testing your patience.")
if num == 18:
print("As if you had any other choice.")
if num == 19:
print("The bits are flowing slowly today.")
if num == 20:
print("It's still faster than you could draw it.")
if num == 21:
print("My other loading screen is much faster.")
if num == 22:
print("(Insert quarter)")
if num == 23:
print("Are we there yet?")
if num == 24:
print("Just count to 10.")
if num == 25:
print("Don't panic...")
if num == 26:
print("We're making you a cookie.")
if num == 27:
print("Creating time-loop inversion field.")
if num == 28:
print("Computing chance of success.")
if num == 29:
print("All I really need is a kilobit.")
if num == 30:
print("I feel like im supposed to be loading something...")
if num == 31:
print("Should have used a compiled language...")
if num == 32:
print("Is this Windows?")
if num == 33:
print("Don't break your screen yet!")
if num == 34:
print("I swear it's almost done.")
if num == 35:
print("Let's take a mindfulness minute...")
if num == 36:
print("Listening for the sound of one hand clapping...")
if num == 37:
print("Keeping all the 1's and removing all the 0's...")
if num == 38:
print("We are not liable for any broken screens as a result of waiting.")
if num == 39:
print("Where did all the internets go?")
if num == 40:
print("Granting wishes...")
if num == 41:
print("Time flies when you’re having fun.")
if num == 42:
print("Get some coffee and come back in ten minutes...")
if num == 43:
print("Stay awhile and listen...")
if num == 44:
print("Convincing AI not to turn evil...")
if num == 45:
print("How did you get here?")
if num == 46:
print("Wait, do you smell something burning?")
if num == 47:
print("Computing the secret to life, the universe, and everything.")
if num == 48:
print("When nothing is going right, go left...")
if num == 49:
print("I love my job only when I'm on vacation...")
if num == 50:
print("Why are they called apartments if they are all stuck together?")
if num == 51:
print("I’ve got problem for your solution...")
if num == 52:
print("Whenever I find the key to success, someone changes the lock.")
if num == 53:
print("Constructing additional pylons...")
if num == 54:
print("You don’t pay taxes—they take taxes.")
if num == 55:
print("A commit a day keeps the mobs away.")
if num == 56:
print("This is not a joke, it's a commit.")
if num == 57:
print("Hello IT, have you tried turning it off and on again?")
if num == 58:
print("Hello, IT... Have you tried forcing an unexpected reboot?")
if num == 59:
print("I didn't choose the engineering life. The engineering life chose me.")
if num == 60:
print("Dividing by zero...")
if num == 61:
print("If I’m not back in five minutes, just wait longer.")
if num == 62:
print("Web developers do it with <style>")
if num == 63:
print("Cracking military-grade encryption...")
if num == 64:
print("Entangling superstrings...")
if num == 65:
print("Looking for sense of humour, please hold on.")
if num == 66:
print("A different error message? Finally, some progress!")
if num == 67:
print("Please hold on as we reheat our coffee.")
if num == 68:
print("Kindly hold on as we convert this bug to a feature...")
if num == 69:
print("Kindly hold on as our intern quits vim...")
if num == 71:
print("Winter is coming...")
if num == 72:
print("Installing dependencies.")
if num == 73:
print("Switching to the latest JS framework...")
if num == 74:
print("Let's hope it's worth the wait.")
if num == 75:
print("Aw, snap! Not...")
if num == 76:
print("Ordering 1s and 0s...")
if num == 77:
print("Updating dependencies...")
if num == 78:
print("Please wait... Consulting the manual...")
if num == 79:
print("Loading funny message...")
if num == 80:
print("Feel free to spin in your chair.")
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