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Written by: Shreyas Daniel -
Description: an overview of 'timy' module - pip install timy
A great alternative to Pythons 'timeit' module and easier to use.
import timy # begin by importing timy
@timy.timer(ident = 'listcomp', loops = 1) # timy decorator
def listcomprehension(): # the function whose execution time is calculated.
li = [x for x in range(0,100000,2)]
this is how the above works:
timy decorator is created.
any function underneath the timy decorator is the function whose execution time
need to be calculated.
after the function is called. The execution time is printed.
in the timy decorator:
ident: an identity for each timy decorator, handy when using a lot of them
loops: no. of times this function has to be executed
# this can also be accomplished by 'with' statement:
# tracking points in between code can be added
# to track specific instances in the program
def listcreator():
with timy.Timer() as timer:
li = []
for i in range(0,100000,2):
if i == 50000:
timer.track('reached 50000')
there are many more aspects to 'timy' module.
check it out here:
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