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Added new installation method to README, added Bootstrap as credit.

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@@ -3,6 +3,21 @@ Caffeine 1.0.2
A simple PHP framework that combines modules through the use of routes and events to form an application.
+The easiest way to use Caffeine is via the Caffeine Tools. This allows you to easily create new projects and modules right from the command line.
+To install Caffeine Tools, run this command from your terminal:
+ curl -L | bash
+Once installed, run `caffeine` with no arguments for usage details.
+For example, to create a new project run:
+ caffeine project myproject
* PHP 5.2+
@@ -61,6 +76,8 @@ There are number of route hooks that can be used when defining parameters. They
:slug - Matches letters, numbers and dashes
:any - Matches anything, including forward slashes
+For advanced routes, you can also use regular expression patterns in your route defintion in place of hooks.
### Modules
Modules are a collection of controllers, models and configurations that provide functionality to Caffeine. Modules can provide content such
@@ -111,6 +128,7 @@ Credits
Below is a list of software and frameworks that have inpsired me along the way. A lot of what I've learned from
them has been implemented into Caffeine, with my own twist.
+* [Bootstrap]('')
* [CodeIgniter]('')
* [Drupal]('')
* [Ruby on Rails]('')
@@ -119,14 +137,3 @@ them has been implemented into Caffeine, with my own twist.
Gavin Vickery
-Change Log
-- Updated Url module to use SERVER_NAME instead of HTTP_HOST to determine current host.
-- Updated Log module to ensure the files and log directory is writable before creating file.
-- Updated getBaseHref method in View module to return full url.

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