Daily commit alarm pusher to remind you to commit/coding every day
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You must commit! commit! commit! today.

commit-alarm is daily commit alarm pusher to remind you to commit/coding every day.

It push the alarm message to you if there are no commits today.

Install & Setting the github, slack config

  • Run install.sh


    Then, you can setting the github, slack config during install

    Slack incoming webhook : <your DM webhook>
    Github username : <github username>
    Github password : <github password>

Setting the aws config

  • Setting the AWS credentials.

    Follow Setting AWS credentials

  • Modify the profile field in project.json

      "profile": "<your-profile>"

    But, if you want to use default profile, remove the "profile" field

  • Replace role attribute values in project.json, function.json with yours

    • project.json

        "role": "<your-role-arn-of-lambda>",
    • functions/push_message/function.json

        "role": "<your-role-arn-of-lambda>",

Deploy & Test

  • Deploy!

    apex deploy
  • You should set trigger for scheduling using AWS CloudWatch on AWS console

  • You can test it with apex

    apex invoke push_message

    push receive

    Oh! I'm going to commit now

Telegram version