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My personalized development VM setup based on Vagrant-powered Vaprobash.
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My personalized Vagrant setup using vaprobash. vagrant-bindfs required.


Uses vaprobash scripts to install only what I need:

  • 14.04 box with 768 MB memory and 768 MB swap
  • Nginx
  • PHP with Composer
  • MySQL & SQLite
  • git-ftp
  • Custom script installs zsh, antigen


  • Box is on (default)
  • host port 8337 forwards to VM at 80
  • host port 2222 forwards to VM at 22 (default)

Shared Folders

  • conf dir syncs to /etc/nginx/conf.d; nginx vhosts go here
  • log dir syncs to /home/vagrant/log; nginx vhost log files go here
  • www dir syncs to /home/vagrant/www

Install & Run

  1. Clone repo: git clone ~/vaprozsh
  2. Start the VM: cd ~/vaprozsh && vagrant up
  3. Add your projects:
    • dev.conf provides a wildcard *.dev vhost pointing to ~/www/*/public - this just happens to be where all of my projects' public files are. You can edit this or add additional vhosts; see 0-wordpress.conf for an example.

I recommend using dnsmasq to handle *.dev, especially now that it's a registered TLD... thanks Google.

Check out the vaprobash docs for more information.

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