ngeek is a node.js CLI tool for accessing and posting info to and from
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ngeek (Coming soon)

ngeek is a node.js CLI tool for accessing and posting info to and from


With npm:

npm install ngeek


Usage: ngeek [options] [data]

-i, --init        Initialize (here you need to add your developer key)
-h, --help        Display this help page
-s, --stats       Display stats
                    ex: ngeek -s
                    ex: ngeek --stats
                    ex: ngeek 



///// STATS //////

33     - achievements / decs 
2444   - views


23     - messages (+2 new ones)
234    - high fives (+ 5 new ones)
4045   - endorsements (+1 new ones)
23     - followers (9+ new ones)
33     - collaborators (0 new ones)


[Options] [data]
-e, --endor       Display latest endorsements
-a, --hfive       Display latest high fives
-f, --foll        Display latest followers
-f, --msgs        Display latest messages
-t, --tweet       Post to twitter
                    ex: ngeek -s -t (posts your stats to twitter)
                    ex: ngeek -f -t (posts your followers to twitter)

Code Contribution Agreement

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(A) Upon the first commit to the Geeklist code base you grant Geeklist, it’s successors and owners perpetual and unlimited rights to use the contribution for any purpose deemed relevant to Geeklist, Inc. For any contribution you make to the Geeklist repository, you have made all reasonable efforts to determine the legal owners of the contribution, and obtained the permission of the owners of the contribution to make the contribution available under an open source license certified by the Open Source Initiative;

(B) if you are employed, you have discussed contributing to Geeklist with your employer, and have obtained their permission to contribute or have determined that they do not assert ownership rights to my contributions;

(C) Geeklist is under no obligation to compensate you, your company or any entity for any code contributed now or in the future; unless under expressly written agreement for compensation signed by Geeklist Officers of the company. You may not lay any claim against the company or it’s partners or subsidiaries for contributions made voluntarily.

(D) You will not knowingly submit any contribution of which you are not the owner or for which you do not have the owner's permission;


(D) You will release and hold harmless Geeklist from any liabilities which may arise from the use of your contribution. You may be held liable in the event of a breach of any of these terms.

If you disagree or can not abide by these regulations, do not contribute to the Geeklist code base. You may contact if you need any clarity. We are built by developers for developers so please share your questions or request to contribute. Thank you!